The COHEM 2014 Congress will focus on the following topics:
Non-Malignant Hematology
Is there a role for stem cell transplantation in sickle cell anemia?
Is cord blood better than haploidentical donor for patients without an HLA matched donor?
Coagulation Disorders
Pregnancy complications and thrombophilia – Reality or myth?
Is there a rationale to change to new oral anti-coagulants in patients receiving Coumadin?
Iron Deficiency - Overload
Is there still a role for oral iron therapy?
Is there a rationale for iron chelation therapy in MDS?
When generic imatinib becomes more available, should initial therapy be with imatinib or second generation tyrosine-kinase inhibitors?
Should therapy be changed in patients with CML in chronic phase and "suboptimal” response after 6 months?
Is minimal residual disease a therapy end-point?
Are imaging techniques needed in the routine evaluation of newly diagnosed patients with CLL?
Acute Leukemia / MDS
Should patients with RAEB oroligoblastic AML receive induction chemotherapy prior to allogeneic transplantation?
Should patients with AML / ALL receive prophylactic antibiotics and antifungal agents?
Should all patients with non Ph+ ALL transplantation in first CR?
Patients responding to Ruxolitinib should not be considered for allogeneic transplantation?
Should therapy be changed in patients with DLBCL if PET scan remain positive after 2 (or 4) courses of treatment?
Should autologous transplantation be offered to all patients with Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma after induction therapy?
Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Should Brentuxumabbe moved to upfront therapy?
Patients with "high risk” myeloma who do not benefit from autologous transplant should be considered for allogeneic transplant?
Should bisphosphonates be continued indefinitely after chemotherapy is initiated?