Main Topics

Retina Anterior Segment Glaucoma Other


Age-related macular degeneration: Treatment of choice
• Aflibercept (Eylea)
• Bevacizumab (Avastin)
• Ranibizumab (Lucentis)
• Potential role of other treatments (PDT, anti-PDGF, external irradiation, DARPins, slow release devices)
Age-related macular degeneration: Frequency of treatment
• Fixed regimens
• Treat and extend
Age-related macular degeneration: Drusen and geographic atrophy
• Role of dietary supplements
• Monitoring strategies for development of choroidal neovascularization
• Role of anti-factor D and other treatments for geographic atrophy
Imaging in retinal diseases
• Fluorescen angiography
• OCT angiography Swept source OCT
• Intraoperative OCT
• Autofluorescence
• Indocyanine green angiography Wide field imaging
Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema
• Laser, including sub-threshold
• Anti-VEGF agents
• Corticosteroids
Treatment of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
• Anti-VEGF
Treatment of RVO
• Anti-VEGF
• Corticosteroids
Treatment of chronic CSR
• Anti-VEGF
• Low fluence PDT
Gene therapy in AMD and other retinal disease
Treatment of ROP


Vitreomacular traction
• Proteases against fibronectin and laminin such as ocriplasmin Surgery
• Observation
Macular holes
• Role of ocriplasmin
• Choice of dyes
• Role of head-down positioning
• Choice of gas
• Treatment options for large macular hole
• When not to operate on macular holes
• Inverted flap technique
Optic pit with serous retinal detachment
• Laser
• Vitrectomy
• Gas
Management of macular schisis in pathologic myopia
• Surgery
• Observation
Large submacular hemorrhage in predominantly hemorrhagic CNV lesion
• Anti-VEGF
• Gas (+tPA)
• Vitrectomy
Vitrectomy for epiretinal membranes
• Role of ocriplasmin
• Peeling of ILM hole
• Lamellar macular holes
• Surgery in ERM with good VA
Management of severely traumatized eyes
Role of scleral buckle in advanced vitrectomy era
Pediatric retinal detachment

Femtosecond laser in cataract surgery
• Should be done in all cases
• Still needs to prove superiority
Artisan lens
• Anterior
• Posterior
Astigmatism correction in cataract surgery
• Astigmatic keratectomy
• How much residual error is considered OK?
• Limbal relaxing incision
• Toric IOL
Challenging cataract cases
• Posterior polar
• Cataract is situation of a valve
• Traumatic cataract
Cornea surgery: DMEK, DSEK, DSAEK, DALK, PKP, SMILE, LASIK, etc.
• Diagnosis
o Videokeratography
o Tomography
o Corvis
• Management
o Cross linking
o Contac lenses
o Rings
Dislocated IOL's
• Removal
• Suturing to cornea
• Suturing to sclera
• Glued IOL
Dry eye
• Importance of meibomian gland dysfunction
• Medical treatment
• Plugs
• Cyclosporine
• Surgery
IOL exchange
• IOL power calculation methods
• IOL master / lenstar
• A scan ultrasonography
• Corneal tomography is needed
IOL calculation following refractive surgery
• Contact lens
• Topographic/tomographic method / Ray tracing
• Hystorical methods
LASIK in 2016
• State of the art
• ReLEx: Laser vision correction beyond LASIK
• Presbylasik
Presbyopia solutions
• Contact lenes
• Monovision
• Multifocal IOL
Multifocal lenses
• Multifocal
• Accomodative
• Extended depth of focus
• Monovision
Special IOLs
• Aspheric
• Blue light blocking
• Telescopic IOL
Ocular surface disease
• Immunomodulatory drugs
• Restasis
Phaco fluidics and power settings, technologies, machines
• Ozil technology
• Bimanual micro phacoemulsification
• Various machines: Infinity, Millennium, White Star, STAAR
Phakic IOL
• Posterior chamber IOL
• Anterior chamber IOL
Pupillary dilation
• Iris hooks
• Iris rings
• APX Iris Expander
Premium IOL's
• Importance and indications
Presbyopia solution
• Laser
• Multifocal IOL
• Monovision
• Cornea inlays
Refractive surgery for high myopia

Laser to trabecular meshwork
First line treatment
• Laser
• Medications
Plateau Iris Syndrome
• Cataract surgery
• Iridoplasty
Treatment for primary angle closure glaucoma
• Trabeculectomy
• Cataract extraction
• Combined
Tube shunt surgery
• Ahmed
• Baerveldt
After one failed trabeculectomy
• Another trabeculectomy
• Valve
Trabeculectomy with ExPress
• Safe and easy
• Waste of money
• Should be offered forevery early glaucoma case having cataract
• Waste of money
Laser peripheral iridotomy
• Temporal
• Superior
Risk Calculators
• Useful tool
• Awful tool
Alphagan neuroprotective in NTG
• Real
• Fiction
Medical management: first line for open angle glaucoma
• Combination
• Monotherapy
• Which drug
Future of glaucoma treatment
• Gene therapy
• Neuroprotection
• Stem cell therapy
• Nanotechnology
Future of glaucoma surgery
• iStent
• Trabectome
• Canaloplasty
• Laser assisted non penetrating deep scelrectomy
Neovascular glaucoma
• Trabeculectomy with express shunt
• Tube shunt
• Perioperative anti-VEGF
Non-penetrating sclerectomy
• Conventional
• Laser assisted
Optic nerve head imaging
• GDx
• New ways to assess of the ganglion cell layer
Pediatric glaucoma
• Goniotomy
• Trabeculectomy
• Shunt devicesA.C. angle assessment-Imaging modalities (UBM; OCT)

Pseudotumorcerebri – management
• Surgical
• Medical
Psuedotumorcerebri in pregnancy
• Acetazolamide?
• Steroids?
• Periocular chemotherapy
• Systemic chemotherapy
Posterior optic neuropathy: Evaluation and management
• Role of anti-VEGF
• Steroids
Management of isolated optic neuritis
• With MRI lesion
• Without MRI lesion
• Botox
• Surgery
Thyroid ophthalmopathy
• Medication ( PO or IV steroids)
• Surgery
Management of Isolated sixth cranial nerve palsy
• Imaging?
• Observation?
What is the best management of non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy
• Corticosteroids?
• Aspirin?
• Observation?
Treatment of traumatic optic neuropathy
• Steroids should be used?
• Steroids should not be used?
• Surgery?
• Observation is the best?