Main Topics

Retina Anterior Segment Glaucoma Other


• Central serous chorioretinopathy: acute & chronic
• Current imaging modalities: OCT angiography, wide field photography & OCT
• Diabetic macular edema: imaging
• Diabetic macular edema: treatment
• Genetics importance in diagnosis and management of non-neovascular AMD
• Myopic choroidal neovascularization: diagnosis and management
• Neovascular age-related macular degeneration: Treatment of choice, 1st eye vs 2nd eye
• Polypoidal vasculopathy: diagnosis & management
• RVO: Frequency of treatment, First year vs. succeeding years
• Uveitis: infectious and non infectious

• Dyes in epiretinal membrane surgery
• Submacular hemorrhage: management
• Macular holes – surgical techniques and postoperative management
• Management of macular schisis in pathologic myopia
• Retinal detachment, inferior, recurrent, severe PVR (in phakic, pseudophakic eyes)
• Scleral buckle in era of vitrectomy (in phakic, pseudophakic eyes)
• Screening of the periphery in high myopia
• Vitrectomy for epiretinal membranes with good or bad visual acuity
• Vitreomacular traction
• Artisan lens
• Astigmatism correction in cataract surgery and other modalities
• Corneal refractive surgery
• Dislocated IOL's
• Dry eye, Importance of meibomian gland dysfunction
• Femtosecond laser in cataract surgery
• Immediately sequential bilateral cataract surgery
• Intracameral antibiotic
• IOL calculation following refractive surgery
• IOL exchange IOL power calculation methods
• Keratoconus
• LASIK in 2018
• Loose zonules
• Multifocal lenses
• Ocular surface disease
• Phakic IOL
• Presbyopia solution
• Pupillary dilation in cataract surgery

• Management after one failed trabeculectomy
• Neuroprotection
• Applying MMC in trabeculectomy
• Aqueous outflow pathways: Increasing their drainage by new devices
• Anterior segment OCT for angle imaging
• Best way to cover a tube shunt
• Management after a failed tube
• Future of glaucoma treatment
• Gonioscopy assisted transluminal trabeculotomy (GATT)
• Intraocular pressure and glaucoma: Tracking IOP (mean, peak, fluctuation)
• iStent
• Laser to trabecular meshwork
• Ocular blood flow and perfusion pressure
• Medical management: first line for open angle glaucoma
• Neovascular glaucoma
• New Horizons in Glaucoma Surgery
• Non-IOP lowering therapy will be the future of glaucoma treatment
• Non-penetrating scelrectomy
• OCT imaging of the optic nerve and macula
• Pediatric glaucoma
• Plateau Iris Syndrome
• Risk Calculators
• Trabeculectomy in the Progressing Low Pressure glaucoma Patient
• Trabeculectomy with ExPress
• Treatment for primary angle closure glaucoma
• Tube shunt surgery
• Genetic testing in glaucoma

• Blepharospasm
• Management of isolated optic neuritis
• Management of isolated sixth cranial nerve palsy
• Orbital tumors
• Posterior optic neuropathy: Evaluation and management
• Psuedotumorcerebri including pregnancy
• Thyroid ophthalmopathy
• Treatment of traumatic optic neuropathy
• Treatment for NA-AION