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World Congress on
Controversies in Plastic Surgery & Dermatology (CoPLASDy)

Catalonia Palace of Congresses, Barcelona, Spain, November 4-7, 2010
  Confirmed list of faculty Print

M. Adatto, Switzerland
J. Alcalay, Israel
R. Amar, Spain
B. Ascher, France
D. Baker, USA
J. Barret, Spain
D. Barzilai, Israel
G. Ben-Simon, Israel
P. Blondeel, Belgium
G. Blugerman, Argentina
M. Brambilla, Italy
D. Brualla Palason, Spain
A. Carruthers, Canada
J. Carruthers, Canada
D. Cassuto, Italy
B. DiBernardo, USA
A. Fatemi, Germany
A. Finner, Germany
A. Fratila, Germany
S. Geller, Israel
R. Gentile, USA
G. Germann, Germany
S. Ghannam, Kuwait
U. Gieler, Germany
A. Ginzburg, Israel
L. Habbema, The Netherlands
J. Haik, Israel
C. W. Hanke, USA
M.E. Hartstein, Israel
P. Hedén, Sweden
K. Hoffmann, Germany
J. Jernbeck, Sweden
M. Kane, USA
H. Kaufman, Israel
M. Lapidoth, Israel
Y. Lavy, Israel
K. Leonhardt
, Germany
P. Mallucci, Italy
L. Marini, Italy
J. Masia, Spain
S. Monstrey, Belgium
T. Nachlieli, Israel
F. Nahai, USA
M. Nava, Italy
F. Neidel, Germany
A. Orenstein, Israel
M. Podda, Germany
O. Ramirez, USA
D. Rosin, Israel
N. Sadick, USA
S. Sasimi-Farad, Germany
G. Sattler, Germany
T. Scholz, Germany
S. Schuller-Petrovic, Austria
A. Scope, Israel
C. Stan, Romania
A. Swift, Canada
L. Teot, France
T. Tiryaki, Turkey
P. L. Tonnard, Belgium
E. Turkof, Austria
I. Verner, Israel
J. G. von Finckenstein, Germany
L. Wiest, Germany
E. Winkler, Israel
I. Zilinsky, Israel
S. Zenker, Germany

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