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The International Congress on
Controversies in Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapies (COSTEM)
Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany, September 8-11, 2011
  Faculty (Preliminary list) Print

H. Al-Ali, Germany
J.F. Apperley, UK
W. Arcese, Italy
R. Arnold, Germany

A. Bacigalupo, Italy

P. Bader, Germany
B. Barlogie, USA
J. Blade, Spain
D. Blaise, France
M. Bornhäuser, Germany
C. Brunstein, USA
A. Buzyn, France
M. Cavazzana-Calvo, France
F. Ciceri, Italy
P. Corradini, Italy
S. Dabadghao, India
M. de Lima, USA
H.J. Deeg, USA
V. Diehl, Germany
U. Dührsen, Germany
G. Ehninger, Germany
H. Einsele, Germany
J.H.F. Falkenburg, The Netherlands
D. Farge-Bancel, France
L. Farina, Italy
J.L. Ferrara, USA
J. Finke, Germany
G. Gahrton, Sweden
S.A. Giralt, USA
C. Gisselbrecht, France
E. Gluckman, France
H. Goldschmidt, Germany
H. Greinix, Austria
R. Handgretinger, Germany
J.L. Harousseau, France
R. Hehlmann, Germany
G. Henze, Germany
D. Hoelzer, Germany
H. Hof, Germany

E. Holler, Germany
N. Keller, Israel
H.J. Kolb, Germany

K. Le Blanc, Sweden
P. Ljungman, Sweden
F. Locatelli, Italy
S. Mackinnon, UK
A. Madrigal, UK
M.F. Martelli, Italy
G. Maschmeyer, Germany
R.A. Mesa, USA
J. Miller, USA
M. Mohty, France
I. Müller, Germany
D. Niederwieser, Germany
E. Olavarria, Spain
J.R. Passweg, Switzerland
C. Peters, Austria
U. Platzbecker, Germany
R. Powles, UK
P. Reimer, Germany
Y. Reisner, Israel
S. Riddell, USA
V. Rocha, France
J.M. Rowe, Israel
A. Shimoni, Israel
A.S. Shimosaka, Japan
S. Slavin, Israel
G. Socié, France
P. Sonneveld, The Netherlands
R. Storb, USA
L. Uharek, Germany
D.M. Weinstock, USA
I. Yakoub-Agha, France
A.R. Zander, Germany

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