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The International Congress on
Controversies in Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapies (COSTEM)
Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany, September 8-11, 2011
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Friday, September 9, 2011
Session 1: SCT in Myeloma and MDS
Autologous SCT as first line treatment?
Yes: J.L. Harousseau, France
No: J. Blade, Spain

Allo SCT in elderly patients (>60 y) with MDS
Yes: N. Kröger, Germany
Session 2: Relapse Prevention
Can we prevent relapse by novel conditioning regimen?
Yes: M. de Lima, USA
No: A. Shimoni , Israel
Special Debate: Is there any place for the prophylactic collection of autologous stem cells for major radiation incidents?
Yes: A.S. Shimosaka, Japan
No: D.M. Weinstock, USA
Yes: R. Powles, UK
Session 3: AML and CML
Indication for unrelated allo SCT in 1. CR AML
No: I. Yakoub-Agha, France

Allogeneic SCT for CML after failure to 1. TKI
Yes: E. Olavarria, Spain
No: J.F. Apperley, UK
Session 4: Treatment and Prevention of Relapse
Second allo for relaps
No: S.A. Giralt, USA

Donor selection to prevent relapse
According to KIR typing: J. Miller, USA
Session 5: Aplastic Anemia and Autoimmune Diseases
Autologous SCT for autoimmune diseas
Yes: D. Farge-Bancel, France
No: S. Dabadghao, India
Session 6: Refractory and Residual Leukemia
Allo SCT for refractory leukemia
No: D. Blaise, France

Should all MRD positive patients receive allo SCT?
Yes: P. Bader, Germany
No: G. Henze, Germany
Session 7: GvHD Prevention by T-Cell Modulation
Can Treg prevent GvHD without losing GvL?
Yes: M.F. Martelli, Italy
No: J.L. Ferrara, USA

Is photopheresis treatment of choice for cGvHD?
Yes: H. Greinix, Austria
No: G. Socié, France

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Session 8: Cord Blood
Is double cord blood to be preferred to a single unit?
No: V. Rocha, France
Should cord blood unit be selected according to HLA or cell-based?
Cell-based: E. Gluckman, France
Session 9: Myelofibrosis and Haploidentical Transplantation
Allo SCT for elderly myelofibrosis patients (>60 y)
Yes: N. Kröger, Germany
No: R.A. Mesa, USA

Should haplo-SCT be performed with T-cell depletion?
Yes: R. Handgretinger, Germany
No: F. Ciceri, Italy
Session 10: Donor Selection
Which is the donor of choice if no MUD is available?
Cord blood: W. Arcese, Italy

Should we expand cord blood?
No: V. Rocha, France
Novartis Satellite Symposium
Update and Perspectives on Iron Chelation and Immunotherapy in Transplantation
Pathophysiology of Acute GvHD: Innate Meets Adaptive Immunity: E. Holler, Regensburg
Does Iron Chelation Improve Survival in SCT? H. Al-Ali, Leipzig
Practical Aspects of an Iron Chelation Therapy in SCT: U. Platzbecker, Dresden
Session 11: Cell and Gene Therapy
Is specific T-cell therapy targeting mHag useful?
Yes: S. Riddell, USA
No: M. Bornhäuser, Germany

Gene therapy for genetic diseases (SCID, FA, CGD)
No: I. Müller, Germany
Session 12: Lymphoma
Autologous SCT in FL
Yes: C. Gisselbrecht, France
No: U. Dührsen, Germany

Transplantation for T-cell lymphoma
Pro auto: P. Reimer, Germany
Session 13: T-Cell Depletion and Mesenchymal Stroma Cells
T-cell depletion and T-cell add back
Yes: J.H.F Falkenburg, The Netherlands
No: R. Storb, USA

MSC for GvHD
Yes: K. Le Blanc, Sweden
No: F. Locatelli, Italy
Session 14: Allogeneic SCT for Myeloma and Hodgkin's Disease
Is there a place for allo SCT in Hodgkin’s disease?
No: V. Diehl, Germany
Session 15: GvHD Prevention by Antibodies
GvHD prevention
Pro Alemtuzemab: S. Mackinnon, UK

Is it possible to separate GvHD from GvL?
Yes: E. Holler, Germany

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Session 16: Improving Transplant Outcome in Multiple Myeloma
Should CR be target of therapy in MM?
Yes: S.A. Giralt, USA

No: B. Barlogie, USA

Should CR be target of therapy in MM?
Pro consolidation: J. Blade, Spain

Session 17: Infection
Should CMV infection post allo SCT be treated by cell-based therapy?
No: P. Ljungman, Sweden
Is combined antifungal therapy more efficient than single agent therapy?
Yes: N. Keller, Israel
No: G. Maschmeyer, Germany

Session 18: Fungal Resistance
Aspergillus resistance is only seen on the petri dish and not in the patient
Con: G. Maschmeyer, Germany
Session 19: ALL and Intensity of Conditioning Regimen
Reduced or standard conditioning?
Pro reduced: R. Storb, USA


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