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  Welcome Note Print
Dear Friends,
Over the years, the field of Adult Vaccination has undergone enormous expansion in clinical and basic data, as well as that of field-related technology. With the problem of diseases and bacterial resistance reaching epidemiological dimensions, treatment possibilities have digressed diversely. This development has created a need for debates on the numerous controversial issues, and to attain clinical conclusions. The 1st CoVAC Conference which was held in Berlin two years ago was very successful and productive, which stimulated us to continue with this topic and format two years later.
The intention of the 2nd Conference on Controversies in Vaccination in Adults is to function as an exclusive forum for international experts to share and compare experiences, in order to outline appropriate treatment.
A conference that focuses on clinical controversies is an entirely new concept. It is embarked upon primarily to facilitate effective debate on unresolved clinical and therapeutic dilemmas, resulting in agreement over all issues, and supported by evidence-based medicine and opinions of experts.
After each speaker, ample time will be provided for discussion, and participants will have the advantage of conversing and debating unresolved issues with world authorities in their fields.
The Conference aims at reaching the ultimate state-of-the-art solutions, and providing clinicians with conclusive recommendations and reliable solutions, all based on current paramount significance.

We invite you to participate in the 2nd Conference on Controversies in Vaccination in Adults.

We look forward to an exciting scientific event in the beautiful city of Munich.

Prof. Hartmut Lode                                  Prof. Ethan Rubinstein
Germany                                                   Canada

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