Main Topics

The Norbert Freinkel Lecture and Award
The History of Diabetes and Pregnancy – it all started here in Berlin
The NCD Global Slow Motion Disaster - The Battle of Prevention Starts in Utero
FIGO GDM Initiative
Is the benefit of breast feeding after diabetic pregnancies overestimated?
Long term outcome of women and Offspring after a diabetic pregnancy
New Technologies in Diabetic Pregnancy (Medtronic session)
Islet function and regulation during pregnancy
The New Insulins
German Diabetes in Pregnancy Working Group and other National DM Study Groups
Nutritional factors and supplementation on maternal and infant outcome
Diagnosis of Fetal Congenital Anomalies
Hypertension in Pregnancy
New Frontiers in Prediction and Prevention of PET and IUGR
Long term consequences of preeclampsia
German Hypertension in Pregnancy Working Group and National Hypertension and Pregnancy Study Groups
Consequences for the rest of life: Preterm birth
Prediction and Prevention of Preterm Birth
The Great Obstetrical Syndromes and the Omics
An update on MyoInositol
Diagnosis and management of Diabetic Pregnancy
The Placenta and the Great Obstetric Syndromes
Consequences for the rest of life: Fetal Growth and Development
Consequences for the rest of life: Fetal Life during Labor & Delivery
Consequences for the rest of life: The rest of Life
The perinatal tribunal- Should all women be screened and with which test during thefirst trimester?
Abnormal fetal growth - Challenging the extremes
Obesity and Pregnancy
Management of Diabesity
Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine - Putting the "M" back in MFM
Best DIP research –Young and Promising/ 'Promising Young Research Award'
Perinatal Medicine and the Industry- Status and future directions
The Genome and Perinatal Medicine – a never ending story
FIGO Best Practice Working Group – Very convenient take home lessons
Vitamin D status and ill health - chasing a myth? - Is it really the new kid on the block - the panacea for every disease state?
Non Invasive Prenatal Testing - All you have to know on cell Free Fetal DNA
Cesarean technique in a robotic era
Infectious disease in Obstetrics