DIP European Declaration

The European HIP Declaration is a regional call to action to address the link between maternal health and diabetes as a public health priority. The Declaration details how countries in the specific region face similar challenges and it sets the path for stakeholders in these countries to improve maternal and child health. It also emphasizes the need to accelerate the implementation of the FIGO GDM guidelines, the first international, practical guide on diagnosis, management and care for women with gestational diabetes which has seen wide approval and endorsement
• Diabetes mellitus is escalating worldwide and prevalence of diabetes among all age groups in increasing in Europe. It already affects about 60 million people, and is projected to increase to 71 million people by 2040
• Maternal mortality is quite low in Europe; but when they occur, maternal deaths are often directly due to hemorrhage, hypertension, sepsis and obstructed labor. Maternal deaths also result from indirect causes such as associated medical conditions. Some of the indirect causes such as hyperglycemia in pregnancy (HIP) also contribute to increasing the risk for the direct causes of maternal mortality
• Hyperglycemia in pregnancy is one of the most common medical conditions affecting women during pregnancy
• The majority of women with HIP have gestational diabetes (GDM), which develops due to hormonal changes of pregnancy and is confined to the duration of pregnancy
• Children born to women with HIP are at very high risk of obesity, early onset type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, whereby, HIP perpetuates the risk of diabetes into the next generation
• Without preventive care, almost half of women with GDM develop type 2 diabetes and a significant proportion develop premature cardiovascular disease, within 10 years of childbirth
• Undertake actions in our various capacities to support efforts to address the link between maternal health obesity and diabetes as a public health priority
• Promote and celebrate a National GDM Awareness Day as an instrument to bring public attention and raise awareness of the problem
• Support efforts to increase public awareness about hyperglycemia in pregnancy and its impact on maternal and child health, encourage preconception counseling, antenatal care and post-natal follow up
• Support and encourage task shifting, role based training to build capacity for prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of HIP and continued engagement with the high risk mother child pair over a prolonged time period
• Advocate for access to uninterrupted diagnostic supplies, medications and trained manpower for diagnosis and appropriate management for HIP at all levels of care at affordable costs keeping the pregnant women's convenience in mind
• Make all efforts to support post-partum follow up and engagement of the high risk mother child pair post-GDM pregnancy linked to the child's vaccination program by engaging and collaborating with other health care professionals