Program - Saturday, March 11

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Saturday, March 11
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Hall G (In Parallel)

Please note that this session has been cancelled

Despertar en Barcelona | Practical Management / National HIP Projects
Chairpersons: Andre' Van Assche, Belgium and Hector Bolatti, Argentina

07:00-07:15 GDM scenario in Australia and NZ – the ADIPS approach
Jeremy Oats, Australia
07:15-07:30 GDM scenario in Sub-Sahara Africa
07:30-07:45 GDM scenario in the GULF Region
Justin Konje, Qatar
07:45-08:00 Discussion
Hall G (In Parallel)
Brazilian National Study Group | Gestational Diabetes Diagnose: Brazilian guidelines
Analysis of the diagnostic criteria used in different university hospitals with the aim to have standard Guidelines.
(Análise dos critérios diagnósticos utilizados em diferentes hospitais universitários com o objetivo de ter diretrizes padronizadas)
Chairpersons: Eduardo Fonseca, Marilza V. da Cunha Rudge
07:00-07:10 Brazilian Guidelines on GDM: diagnosis and management:
Rossana Pulcineli V. Francisco
07:10-07:20 Guidelines on GDM in the HCRP: diagnosis and management:
Elaine Moises
07:20-07:30 Guidelines on GDM in Campinas University (UNICAMP): diagnosis and management:
Belmiro Gonçalves Pereira
07:30-07:40 Guidelines on GDM in the UNESP: diagnosis and management:
Rossana Pulcineli V. Francisco
07:40-07:50 Guidelines on GDM in the UNESP: diagnosis and management:
Rosiane Mattar
07:50-08:00 Final discussion: Action plan proposal for FEBRASGO, FIGO and Brazilian Government:
All Group
Breakout Sessions
Hall A (In Parallel)
Maternal Medicine 20A | Issues with the Diagnosis and Classification of Hyperglycemia in Early Pregnancy
Chairpersons: Fidelma Dunne, Ireland and David McIntyre, Australia
Setting the scene - HIP in the first trimester - what are the scenarios
Alberto de Leiva, Spain
Severe hypoglycemia in pregnancy in women with type 1 diabetes: prevalence, pathogenesis and prevention
Lene Ringholm, Denmark
Fasting glycemia in Meditteranean population: does it predict adverse pregnancy outcomes?
Bernat Serra, Spain
Hyperglycaemia in early pregnancy: prevalence, risk factors, and persistence in late pregnancy (WDF Funded Project)
Biodun Olagbuji, Nigeria
09:20-09:30 Discussion
Hall B (In Parallel)
Maternal Medicine 20B | DoHAD Session: Developmental Origins of Health and Disease - Mother and Offspring
Chairpersons: Mark Hanson, UK and Umberto Simeoni, Switzerland
08:00-08:15 Long-term metabolic effects in adult offspring of mothers with hyperglycemia during pregnancy
Peter Damm, Denmark
08:15-08:30 Long-term cognitive effects of intrauterine hyperglycemia in offspring of women with type 1 diabetes
Tine Dalsgaard Clausen, Denmark
08:30-08:45 Influence of breastfeeding and postnatal nutrition on cardiovascular remodeling induced by fetal growth restriction
Fatima Crispi, Spain
08:45-09:00 Maternal health – Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes: To dream the impossible dream
Angela Vinturache, Canada
09:00-09:15 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Surveillance Post-Diabetes in Pregnancy: An Evidence-Based Approach
Rhonda Bentley-Lewis, USA
09:15-09:30 Application of customized birth weight curves in the assessment of perinatal outcomes in infants of diabetic mothers
Nieves Luisa Gonzalez, Spain
Hall C (In Parallel)
Fetal Medicine 20C | Preterm Labor: Prevention Strategies
Chairpersons: Eduardo Fonseca, Brazil and Maria Goya, Spain
A place for progesterone:
Eduardo Fonseca, Brazil
08:20-08:40 A place for pessary:
Maria Goya, Spain
08:40-09:00 A place for cerclage:
Vincenzo Berghella, USA
The case for antenatal corticosteroids:
Montse Palacio, Spain
09:20-09:30 Discussion
Hall D (In Parallel)
Fetal Medicine 20D | CNS: Systematic Approach for Sentinel Findings
Chairpersons: Rabih Chaoui, Germany and Elisendra Eixarch, Spain
Elisenda Eixarch, Spain
Abnormal cavum shape
Rabih Chaoui, Germany
09:00-09:30 Enlarged subarachnoid space
Dario Paladini, Italy
Hall E (In Parallel)
Fetal Medicine 20E | Fetal Therapy
Chiarpersons: Jan Deprest, Belgium and Mar Bannasar, Spain
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
Jan Deprest, Belgium
Spina bifida
Jan Deprest, Belgium
Lower urinary tract obstruction
Josep Maria Martinez, Spain
Therapy for cardiac defects
Alberto Galindo, Spain
Lethal vs. non-lethal skeletal dysplasia
Israel Meizner, Israel
Hall F (In Parallel)
Basic Science 20F | PIF: Integrated Clinical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Application
Chairpersons: Eytan Barnea, USA, Michael J Paidas, USA and Daniel Surbek, Switzerland

PIF improves embryo survival after induced oxidative stress
Robert Gilbert, USA

08:10-08:20 PIF: regulates p53: Promotes trophoblast invasion/viability to improve placental development:
Francois Vialard, France
PIF synergizes with progesterone to promote HLA G: Application for PTL:
Nelson Fernandez, UK
08:30-08:40 PIF: Endometriosis diagnostic and potential treatment for fertility:
Marco Sbraccia, Italy
08:40-08:50 PIF basis for maternal tolerance: Regulates neutrophils activation:
Markus Sperandio, Germany
08:50-09:00 PIF prevents accelerated atherosis: Possible prevention of preeclampsia
Eytan R. Barnea, USA
09:00-09:10 PIF protects against spontaneous LPS-induced fetal demise in vivo:
Nicoletta Di Simone, Italy
09:10-09:20 PIF risk reduction of neurodamage in premature labor and the newborn:
Martin Müller, Switzerland
Hall G (In Parallel)
Maternal Medicine 20G | The Maternal - Placental - Fetal Dialogue and Its Influence on Pregnancy Outcome
Chairpersons: Gernot Desoye, Austria and Joe Luis Bartha, Austria
08:00-08:20 Conception; The beginning of the maternal – placental - fetal dialogues
Gernot Desoye, Austria
08:20-08:40 The Placenta: a fetal natural biological barrier to maternal stress:
Fatima Crispi, Spain
08:40-09:00 Placental perfusion and metabolism in GDM
Jose Luis Bartha, Spain
09:00-09:20 REgulation of pregnancy adaptation of the maternal coagulation sysyem by placenta driven derived steroid hormones
Yan-ling Wang, China
Coffee Break
Key Note Lectures Hall A

Key note lectures: The role of NGO's and patients' organization
Chairpersons: Jacky Nizard, France and CN Purandare, India

Building the Bridge - Fueling a Movement: Advocating for Diabetes in Pregnancy as an Integral Part of the Maternal and Newborn Health Agenda
Katja Iversen, USA

Plenary Sessions
Hall A
Plenary Session 21 | State of the art on the pharmacological management of diabetic pregnancy
Chairpersons: Moshe Hod, Israel and Boyd Metzger, USA
Looking back and looking forward: Evolution ofinsulin therapy in diabetes and pregnancy
Alan Moses, USA
News standards of treatment in Type 2DM: applicable for GDM?
David Simmons, UK
Management of GDM with insulin analogues
Frederico Mecacci, Italy
The insulin in pregnancy registry - the EVOLVE study
Elisabeth R. Mathiesen,
Hall A
Plenary Session 22 | Practical Management of Labor & Delivery
Chairpersons: Diogo Ayres-de-Campos, Portugal and Mirsolaw Wieglos, Poland
Maternal severe chronic illness - safe pregnancy?
Jacky Nizard, France
12:00-12:20 Cesarean section in obese patients: what is different?
Diogo Ayres-de-Campos, Portugal
Timing of delivery in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes - new evidence from a large population based study
Nir Melamed, Canada
   12:40-13:10                     Light Lunch
Hall A
Plenary Session 23 | Awards | Recognizing the giants in the field & promoting young researchers - On the shoulders of giants
Chairpersons: Luis Cabero, Spain and Carlos Fuchtner, Bolivia
13:10-13:25 Award #1 The Norbert Freinkel Lecture 
Pregnancy – an early but too rarely utilized window of opportunity to improve long-term maternal and infant health - An appeal for continuous family care and interdisciplinary communication
Presenting the Award: Prof. Birgit Arabin, on behalf of the Clara Angela Foundation 

The lost opportunities of medicine  
Awardee: Ahmet Baschat, USA
Award #2 The Lars Mølsted-Pedersen Lecture 
Diabetes and pregnancy – historical landmarks
Presenting the Award: Alberto De Leiva, on behalf of the Fundació Diabem 
The GDM roadmap - From O’Sullivan and Mahan to a global consensus 
Awardee: Moshe Hod, Israel
Award #3 The PREIS School Lecture
PREIS School: concept, activities, site
Presenting the Award: Gian Carlo Di Renzo 
Modern maternal fetal medicine and the PREIS School legacy
Awardee: Eduardo Fonseca, Brazil
13:55-14:10 Best DIP research –Promising Young Researchers Award
Hall A
Plenary Session 24 | Main Issues in Fetal Growth
Chairpersons: Francesc Figueras, Spain and Jason Gardosi, UK
14:10-14:28 Management of the early onset severe IUGR: lessons from large trials:
Ahmet Baschat, USA
14:28-14:46 Clinically relevant standards for identifying a "small fetus”
Jason Gardosi, UK
14:46-15:04 WHO Fetal Growth Charts: main conclusions of a large multinational study
Torvid Kiserud, Norway
15:04-15:22 Clinical management of the late-onset "small”/FGR fetus:
Fransecs Figueras, Spain
15:22-15:40 Brief overview: a stepwise approach to the small/FGR fetus:
Eduard Gratacos, Spain
15:40-15:50 Closing Ceremony