Main Program Topics

• Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine – Inventions, Innovations, Winnovations
• The Non Communicable Disease Global Epidemic and Maternal Fetal Medicine
• Prediction and Prevention in Maternal Fetal Medicine
• The Genome and Maternal Fetal Medicine
• New Technologies and Maternal Fetal Medicine
• The FIGO GDM Initiative
• Diabetes and Pregnancy
• Obesity and Maternal Fetal Medicine
• Hypertension and Pregnancy
• Nutrition
• The Intra-Uterine University - Programming and Imprinting in Utero
• The Placenta and the Great Obstetrical Syndromes
• The “omics” and Maternal Fetal Medicine
• Fetal Growth
• Preterm labor
• Multiple pregnancy
• Maternal Infection and Perinatal Outcome
• Non Invasive Prenatal Testing
• Fetal Imaging and therapy
• Fetal Congenital anomalies

Maternal and Fetal Health

Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine
Maternal Medicine meets Fetal Medicine
The “Great Obstetric Syndromes”
Beyond the Uterine Environment – Fetal Origins of Adult Disease
Perinatal Medicine and the Industry – Mutual Interests and Future Directions
The First Trimester-A Window Of Opportunities: Screening For Adverse Perinatal Outcome
Diabetes and Pregnancy
Diagnosis for GDM – The Consensus
Pharmacological Treatment in GDM
Diabetic Pregnancy and Preeclampsia
Metabolic Goals in Diabetic Pregnancy
The Diabetic Placenta: The Forgotten Compartment
Micronutrients & Diabetic Pregnancy
New Technologies in The Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy
Pharmacological Treatment in Pre-GDM; the new insulins
Programming and Imprinting in Utero – The vicious cycle of NCD
From Diabetes in Pregnancy to Diabetes After Pregnancy – From DIP to DAP
Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and other NCD’s – mother & offspring
Diabetes in Pregnancy Amongst the Indigenous Peoples– a neglected health priority
Contraception in Diabetic Pregnancy
Pregnancy in Diabetic Animals
Infertility and Diabetes
Menopause and Diabetes
Obesity and Maternal Fetal Medicine
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
Bariatric surgery
Lifestyle interventions
The “omics” and Maternal Fetal Medicine
Placental insufficiency: Preeclampsia and fetal growth
The Maternal - Placental - Fetal Dialogue and Its Influence on Pregnancy Outcome
Early prediction and prevention of preeclampsia
Preeclampsia: identification of pre-clinical disease and management issues
Abnormal fetal growth - Challenging the extremes
Early prediction and prevention of IUGR
IUGR and SGA: Doppler management and prediction of outcome
Preterm delivery
Preterm labor: early prediction and prevention
Preterm labor and rupture of membranes: Early identification of poor outcome and infection
Multiple pregnancy
Multiple pregnancy: Issues in early and late pregnancy
Diagnosis and management of monochorionic twins

Labor and Delivery

Use of ultrasound in labor
Management of post-partum haemorrhage
Fetal Life during labor and delivery
Management of pregnancy complications during labor and delivery
Fetal monitoring during labor and delivery

Prenatal Diagnosis and Screening

Preconception, Preimplantation and Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
Integrating advances in genetic diagnosis in prenatal diagnosis
Non-invasive prenatal testing: integration with current practice
New Genetic Technologies

Fetal Advanced Imaging and Diagnosis

3D/4D ultrasound: From basic to advanced (with live demos)
Indications and techniques of MRI for fetal evaluation
Early and advanced diagnosis of fetal brain defects and development (with live demos)
Echocardiography: From basic to 3D/4D (with live demos)
Congenital cardiac defects: Dagnostic issues and impact on the brain
Fetal cardiac function: Techniques and applications
First, second and third trimester ultrasound: When and what to look for

Fetal and Perinatal therapy

Current indications and results of fetal therapy
Fetal defects with perinatal surgical management

The Neonate of the Great Obstetrical Syndrome Mother