Hormonal and Metabolic Adaptations in Pregnancy
Role of insulin resistance and insulin deficiency in the pathogenesis of GDM
FIGO GDM Initiative
Impact of GDM on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality
Maternal- Fetal surveillance – obstetrician’s dilemmas
Nutrition counselling in a busy obstetric practice
OAD use in Pregnancy - SU or Metformin
Insulin therapy
Shoulder Dystocia
Neonatal Hypoglycemia
Postpartum hemorrhage
Initiating insulin
Making healthy choices
Taking Stock - GDM in South Asia
How GDM can be prioritized in South Asia
Links between maternal Health and NCDs - Implications for South Asia
Nirogi Lanka and Nirogi Maatha
Cohort Study on GDM
The South Asia GDM Initiative - Needs assessment
Programing for Better Health
Developmental Origins of Health
Can good GDM care prevent obesity and diabetes in the offspring?
How and How early? GDM screening in the early weeks of pregnancy
Diabetes and CVD risks in women with GDM- the evidence for prevention
Postpartum follow-up of the high risk mother child pair - the challenges and solutions
Continuum of Care with Limited Resources - Multitasking for unlimited care
Providing education, counselling and support
For psycho-social stress of GDM diagnosis
For postpartum lifestyle changes and continued follow up
For pregnancy spacing and contraception
For preconception care
The non-communicable disease global epidemic - It’s all about the mother and the offspring
The Non Communicable Disease & Pregnancy – The FIGO Global vision
The IDF Global Vision: Diabetes in Pregnancy
Maternal Health – The Impact of Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension in Pregnancy
The Mother with Pregnancy Induced Complications – How do we Improve Outcome? The EBCOG Global Vision
The Fetus - Is There an Optimal Birth Weight?
The Fetus - Prevention of Preterm Birth: Towards Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies?
Renovating maternal fetal medicine
Maternal Fetal Medicine - The Great Obstetrical Syndromes; from basics to molecular biology
Fetal Medicine - Innovations in prediction and prevention
Fetal Medicine - Innovations in therapy
Maternal Fetal Medicine – Can we reconnect the M to the F?
The great obstetrical syndromes (GOS) and the omics
Perinatal programming - the role of Epigenetics
Metabolomics and the Great Obstetrical Syndromes
Mircrobiomics and the Great Obstetrical Syndromes – A New Frontier
Whole Genomics and the Great Obstetrical Syndromes
Small RNAs and the Great Obstetrical Syndromes
New technologies in diabetic pregnancy
Diabetes in Pregnancy and New Technologies: Tight control for type 1 pregnancy- Automatic Hypo prevention versus closed loop. What will serve for better outcome?
Closed-Loop in Diabetic Pregnancy: How much longer do we have to wait?
Placental insufficiency: preeclampsia and fetal growth
The pathogenesis of preeclampsia: Clues to prevention and treatment
Early prediction and prevention of preeclampsia
Preeclampsia: identification of pre-clinical disease and management issues
Early prediction and prevention of IUGR
IUGR and SGA: Doppler management and prediction of outcome
Early prediction and prevention of IUGR
Obesity or Metabolic Syndrome in Pregnancy; which is more hazardous to the mother and offspring?
Perinatal programming of obesity
Pre-pregnancy management of the obese patient
The role of exercise in reducing the risks of GDM in obese women
Obesity complicating pregnancy
ART in obese patients- to treat or not to treat
GDM– an end to procrastination and a time for action- The IADPSG voice
Rationalizing maternal and Neonatal Care- EBCOG approach
Health system and societal barriers in improving diabetes related maternal health
Towards a Consensus ; The FIGO-GDM Initiative Project
The Asia Pacific Experience: Learning from the SAIDIP & Greater China experience
Tribulations and triumphs in implementing a national strategy for GDM screening diagnosis and care in India
Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of carrying out GDM screening in India
Gestational diabetes mellitus in China: Difficulties and coping strategies
Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of carrying out GDM screening in China
GeDiForCE Model – can it be used in the region?
State of the art on insulin analogues and pregnancy
New frontiers in prediction and prevention of PET and IUGR
Differences between early and late onset placental disease - implications for screening
Aspects of preeclampsia risk calculation: Populations and individuals
First-trimester maternal risk assessment - A health economic perspective
Recent advances in prediction of preeclampsia
Critical evaluation of potential treatments: The case for/against aspirin
Towards a solution - The ASPRE Study
nutritional factors and supplementation on maternal and infant outcome
Diet and pregnancy outcomes- examples based on the role of micronutrients and macronurients in the development of gestational diabetes
Nutritional supplementation and the prevention of fetal congenital abnormalities
Differences in growth trajectories between infants of women with type-1 and type-2 diabetes?
Breastfeeding and early nutrition– benefit for the offspring of diabetic mothers?