Poster Presentation Guidelines

Before the Symposium 
To display a poster, all presenters must be registered in advance. Please click here for online registration. If you are NOT pre-registered your submission will be withdrawn and you will not be able to display your poster.

Please note if you have not completed your registration, your abstract will NOT be included in the final abstract book and NOT reserved a board.

Poster Presentation Requirements

To efficiently communicate the results of your research to the viewers of your poster, you are kindly requested to devote considerable effort toward the design of your poster.
Please pay attention to details by carefully following the instructions outlined below:

Important Information - Posters

Sample of Poster:

Poster Display Equipment
A large display board giving a display area of approximately 90cm wide x 120cm high will be provided for your poster display. Please refer to the above diagram
Drawing pins will be provided to all poster presenters at the s ymposium. On-site staff will be available to assist you.
Your poster number will be provided on the display board and will only be visible prior to your poster is due to go up. Please ensure that your poster title and authors' as stated on the submitted abstract are printed on your poster.
Please refer to the final program book that you will receive upon arrival at the s ymposium for the poster board number assigned to you. Please use the board with the same number.


Make your title short to summarize the message of the research
Do not include references unless it is imperative
Please include financial disclosure


Do not use several A4 sheets. If necessary please note that individual pieces of paper should be pre-mounted onto one large piece of paper or card.
The reading order of the a poster should be down columns, rather than across rows
Use just one or two colors on a plain colored background
Put the conclusions in a prominent panel (preferably at the bottom of the poster)
Watermarks in the middle of a poster tend to distract
Do not justify the column text if there are few words to a line
Be selective in your use of bullet points, perhaps only in the conclusion

Poster body text must be readable from 2 meters (with possible exception of references) and the title from 4-5 meters
Avoid capital letters except at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns
Use a black sans serif font e.g. Arial or Gill Sans throughout
Do not underline anything
Use a bolder, larger typeface for the main titles and headings. It can be effective to use a different typeface for headings and subheadings
To emphasize body text, use a bold or italic font

Check the draft of your poster very carefully to ensure that there are no typographical or style errors
Use matt (non reflective) encapsulation to protect the poster

Display, Installation, Presentation, and Removal Times

Poster presenters should plan to be beside their posters during the designated coffee breaks, as specified in the program. Please see the Symposium Secretariat for board allocation at the Symposium. Posters must be removed at the end of the Symposium. The Symposium Organizing Committee will not be responsible for posters that are not removed on time.

Exact poster presentation times will be provided and published closer to the Symposium.