Company Profile


Suzhou PerkinElmer
Medical Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
No.115,North Tai Ping Road, Tai Cang Economic
Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
China 215400
Contact: Ms. Jasmine Wu

Suzhou PerkinElmer Medical Laboratory Co. Ltd. is a MOH-approved independent clinical laboratory (ICL) in China. Focused on testing of inherited genetic diseases within the field of maternal & fetal, neonatal and child healthcare, Suzhou PerkinElmer medical laboratory offers a wide range of tests with interpretation as one-stop clinical solutions from screening to diagnostics, including immunological, chemical, molecular and cytogenetic tests.

Clinical test platforms utilized by the ICL include MS-MS, AutoDELFIA, PCR, TR-FRET, RT-PCR, CMA, BoBs and NGS. The ICL one stop solution enables neonatal screening, pre-eclampsia risk assessment and aid the diagnosis of various genetic diseases.

Amkey is the brand for specialty diagnosis testing provided by Suzhou PerkinElmer Laboratory. Aside from clinical tests, Amkey also provides genetic counselling services with patient support to access further treatment in first class hospitals via “ Amkey Green Channel”.

Supported by PerkinElmer’s global co-operation platform, Amkey is focused on continuously expanding service capabilities to satisfy the needs of China clinical applications.