Free Communications Print

08:00 - 09:30
Free Communication 1 - Hall E
Theme: Adolescent and Sexual Health
Co-Chairs: Randa Omer, UK
                Derek Tuoyire, Ghana
  He promised to continue providing my needs: transactional first sex among female adolescents in Cape Coast, Ghana
Derek Tuoyire, Ghana
  Determinants of Unmet Need for Contraception among Females in a peri-urban African Population
Babawale Oluborode, Nigeria
  Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness among Newly Married Uneducated Egyptian Couples
Wael Saleh, Egypt
  Obstetric outcomes of booked teenage pregnancies at University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
John Ekabua, Nigeria
  Obstetric Outcomes in Teenage Mothers in the County Town of Dorset England - a ten year review
Randa Omer, UK
  Significance of Nursing and Midwifery Tutor Training in Achieving MDG-5 Targets
Sarwan Kumar, Pakistan
09:30 - 11:00
Free Communication 2 - Hall E
Theme: Early Pregnancy
Co-Chairs: Amir El Nahas, Sudan
                Yonas Getachew, Ethiopia
Eddie Mhlanga, South Africa
Barnabas B. Naa Gandau, Ghana
  Introduction of a standardized second trimester medical abortion training and service provision in Ethiopia, October 2010- May 2013
Yonas Getachew, Ethiopia
  Concurrent Bilateral Ectopic Pregnancy
Ahmed Hussain, Ireland
  Patterns of late presentation of septic abortions at Wusasa, Zaria, Nigeria
Augustine O. Ojabo, Nigeria
  What has been the effect of Legalization of Abortion (TOP Act) on the utilization of contraceptive methods in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa; A 10 year Review
Donald HA Amoko, South Africa
  State of medical abortion services in Kenya: Views of policy makers
Harriet Birungi, Kenya
  Implementation of postabortion care- PAC services in seven states in Sudan 2011-2012
Taha Ahmed Umbeli, Sudan
14:00 - 15:30
Free Communication 3 - Hall E
Theme: Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
Co-Chairs: Yosef Unterslack, South Africa
                Mohamed Youssef, Egypt
  Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is the optimal final oocyte maturation trigger in GnRH antagonist co-treated IVF/ICSI treatment cycles. Systematic review & meta-analysis
Mohamed Youssef, Egypt
  Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection at Nordica Fertility Center Lagos,Nigeria a review of the first 100 cases
Abayomi Ajayi, Nigeria
  Investigation correlates of Chlamydia antibody testing and hysterosalpingography among women with tubal infertility
Afolabi Koledade, Nigeria
  Essure Microinsert Devices as a treatment for Hydrosalpinges Prior To IVF/ICSI- Embryo Transfer
Lawrence Gobetz, South Africa
  A descriptive study on the use of gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist ovulation trigger in assisted reproductive techniques
Yosef Unterslak, South Africa
INVOCELL - A Low cost ART Technique
Murugan Soundaralingam, India
  Factors associated with contraceptive use and initiation of coital activity after childbirth
Isa Ayuba Ibrahim, Nigeria
  Fertility after ectopic pregnancy in low resource setting: A study of a cohort of 62 cases treated at Sangmelima District Hospital, in a semi-rural area of Cameroon
Bruno Kenfack, Cameroon
  Uptake and factors influencing uptake of contraceptive implants in the immediate postpartum period among HIV infected and non HIV infected women in Mbagathi and Naivasha district Hospitals in Kenya: A comparative study
Mufida Shabiby, Kenya
  Does Cabergoline help decreasing endometrioma size compared to LHRH agonist? A prospective randomized study
Amr M.S. Abdel Hamid, UAE
16:00 - 17:30
Free Communication 4 - Hall E
Theme: Feto-Maternal Medicine
Co-Chairs: Pascal Foumane, Cameroon
                Barthelemy Tandu-Umba, Congo
  Fathers' perceptions and experiences during care of spouses who developed childbirth complications in Uganda
Dan Kaye, Uganda
  Risk factors of intrapartal fetal death in Yaoundé, Cameroon
Pascal Foumane, Cameroon
  The effects of gestational weight gain on the outcome of delivery
Mpey Tabot, Cameroon
  Quality Assurance in Obstetrics: the key to achieving MDG 4 & 5 in Northern Nigeria
Hadiza Galadanci, Nigeria
  Maternal deaths attributable to hypertensive disorders in a tertiary hospital in Ghana
Kwame Adu-Bonsaffoh, Ghana
  Impact of Mobile Telephone on Maternal Health Service care: A Case of Njoro Division
Tsimbiri Fedha, Kenya
  Maternal mortality review in health facilities - Khartoum, Sudan
Atif Fazari, Sudan

08:00 - 09:30
Free Communication 5 - Hall E
Theme: Feto-Maternal Medicine
Co-Chairs: Robinson Onoh, Nigeria
                William Stones, Kenya
Universal versus Selective screening for gestational diabetes mellitus
Francis Muriithi, Kenya
  Prevalence of asymptomatic malaria parasitemia in labor in federal teaching hospital Abakaliki, Nigeria
Matthew Igwe Nwali, Nigeria
  Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in an ethnic African urban ostetric population in an equatorial city hospital
Raj Dodia, Kenya
  Trend of instrumental deliveries at Abakaliki, South East Nigeria
Robinson Onoh, Nigeria
  A comparison between nifedipin and indemethacin for the treatment of preterm labor and their side effects
Maryam Kashanian, Iran
  Obstetric Intervention Outcome at 2hours versus 4hours Action Line Location on the Labor Partograph: A Randomised Controlled Study
Augustine A.E. Orhue, Nigeria
  Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) workshop on year–one Post graduate students (PGs) - a pre and post workshop analysis
Dania Anwar, Pakistan
  Safe Motherhood- Midwifery Project Training and Health Education of Traditional Birth Attandents and Village Health Workers in rural Africa presented by a specialized Obstetric Gynecologist,experienced in conducting courses for VHT in Africa
Avigail Mayani, Israel
  Supply chain management of essential maternal health medicine within an out-put aid (OBA) voucher program in Kenya
Lucy Kanya, Kenya
09:30 - 11:00
Free Communication 6 - Hall E
Theme: Global Health Initiatives
Co-Chairs: Hala Abdullahi, Sudan
                Samson Ngonyani, Angola
The three-step approach to improve care seeking and referral in 8 PHCUs: experience from JSI/L10K program in Ethiopia
Nebreed Zemicheal, Ethiopia
Improving Maternity Care: Local training and monitoring - feasible, cost effective, improved access, and effective
Thabani Sibanda, New Zealand
Effect of knowledge and availability of working tools on the management of sever pre-eclampsia/eclampsia among health care providers in Kano, Nothern Nigeria
Gloria Adoyi, Nigeria
  Antenatal iron and folic acid supplementation use by pregnant women in Khartoum, Sudan
Hala Abdullahi, Sudan
  The practical approach for monitoring quality in maternal health services in the mountains of Lesotho
Palesa Chetane, Lesotho
  A Pilot Study to Assess the Adequacy of "Brigham 20 Kits" for Cesarean Deliveries at an Urban Hospital in Rwanda
James Greenberg, Rwanda
  Knowledge and practice of medical professionals regarding analgesia in labour for women in Ethiopia
Catriona Stewart, Ethiopia
  Organizational Capacity growth in Professional Associations: A Uganda case study
Frank Kaharuza, Uganda
How frequently should maternity care providers receive Emergency Obstetric Care training in sub-Sahara Africa-The knowledge and skills retention study
Mselenge Mdegela, UK
14:00 - 15:30
Free Communication 7- Hall E
Theme: Global Health Initiatives
Co-Chairs: Roseline Doe, Ghana
                Abdalla Mohammed, Sudan
Trends in maternal mortality in a tertiary health centre in The Gambia
Patrick Idoko, Gambia
Maternal dealth surveillance response in Northern Nigeria
Silas Ochejele, Nigeria
Challenges of conducting feasibility study in rural communities in global setting
Rahat Qureshi, Pakistan
  Male partner involvement in maternity care in Ablekuma south district, Accra, Ghana
Roseline Doe, Ghana
  Prevalence of Stillbirths at Orotta National Referral Maternity Hospital in Eritrea from 2007-2010
Berhane Zekarias, USA
  Using GIS modeling to strengthen the emergency referral system for maternal and newborn health in Ethiopia
Patricia Bailey, USA
  A Private-Public initiative on inter professional training focusing on obstetric surgical skills
Christine Murungi, Kenya
  The effect of demand side financing in promoting institutional births in rural Mozambique
Anita Makins, Mozambique
  Factors affecting unmet need for family planning in Eastern Sudan
Ali Abdelaziem, Sudan
16:00 - 17:30
Free Communication 8 - Hall D
Theme: Gynaecological Fistula
Co-Chairs: Atif Fazari, Sudan
                Alison Fiander, UK
Characteristics and surgical outcome of obstetric fistula cases, Western Darfur State- Sudan
Atif Fazari, Sudan
Doctor! Will I be dry? Factors determining recurrence after Vesicovaginal fistula repair
Aziz Abdullah, Pakistan
From Despair to Dignity - Obstetric fistula (OF) Prevention/Repair Campaign, Pakistan
Sajjad Siddiqui, Pakistan
  Psychosocial impact of obstetric fistula in women presenting for surgical care in Tanzania
Alison Fiander, UK
  Shunted from life: the health and psycho-social consequences in patients with urinary fistulae
Pushpa Sirichand, Pakistan
  Obstetric fistula in Sierra Leone: predictors of successful surgical repair in a rural hospital
Anita Makins, Mozambique
  Factors determining recurrence after vesico vaginal fistula repair
Shershah Syed, Pakistan
  Non-inferiority of short-term catheterization following surgery for female genital fistula: a randomized clinical trial
Mark Barone, USA
  Audit of Urogenital Fistulae at MCH Centre PIMS Islamabad
Ghazala Mahmud, Pakistan
  RVF Outcome in MCH Centre, PIMS. Islamabad
Kusar Bangush, Pakistan
16:00 - 17:30
Free Communication 9 - Hall E
Theme: Pre-Cancer Surveillance
Co-Chairs: Oliver Ezechi, Nigeria
                Hannah Sebitloane, South Africa
  Cervical cancer screening using direct visual inspection: Default from follow up care and its predictors in southwestern Nigerian
Oliver Ezechi, Nigeria
  Prevalence and risk factors for cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions among women infected with HIV in Abakaliki,Nigeria
Joseph Agboeze, Nigeria
  The Place of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) in a Low Resource Setting
Similoluwa Albert, Nigeria
  Cervical Colposcopic Patterns In Women Who Attended At Omdurman Military & Friendship Hospitals
Rasha Dawod, Sudan
  Prevalence of Pap smear abnormalities in "at risk” pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at King Edward VIII Hospital
Hannah Sebitloane, South Africa
  All for one and one for all: Linking to establish a cervical cancer prevention program in Tanzania
August Burns, USA
  Review of hysterectomies done for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasias(CIN) - An Experience from a Developing Country
Ferid Abubeker, Ethiopia
  A health care evaluation of factors affecting access to cryotherapy after referral for a positive visual inspection using acetic acid and visual inspection with Lugol's iodine cervical cancer screen in Khwisero Western Kenya
Sammy Ngichabe, Kenya
Elgerta Ismaili, UK
  Obstetric outcomes and CIN cure rates following Thermo-coagulation (cold coagulation) in a UK setting. Can we apply this to the management of CIN using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and treatment in low resource settings?
William Parry-Smith, UK

08:00 - 09:30
Free Communication 10 - Hall E
Theme: Gynaecological Oncology
Co-Chairs: Gathari Gichuhi, Kenya
                Moawia Hummeida, Sudan
Treatment of Cervical Cancer by Radical Hysterectomy Without Lymph Node Dissection in Sub-Saharan Africa – Wertheim Revisited
Jeremy Wright, UK
  Endometriosis and Endometrial Cancer tissues specific transformations might result from a common precursor lesion
Nowiah Gorpudolo, China
  Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy versus primary surgery in advanced stage ovarian cancer
Moawia Hummeida, Sudan
  Surveillance of endometrial Hyperplasia with ultrasound in breast cancer women on Tamoxifen therapy
Moawia Hummeida, Sudan
  Ovarian cancer: Epidemiology and risk factors in central Sudan
Rihab Ibnoaf, Sudan
  Assessment of the knowledge of, and attitudes to palliative care among doctors in a tertiary health centre in north-western Nigeria towards palliative care
Daniel Nnadi, Nigeria
  The role of human papillomavirus infection and highly active anti-retroviral therapy in HIV infected women
Edward Sang, Kenya
  Hydatidiform mole at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto, Nigeria: A 10-year review
Constance Shehu, Nigeria
  Childhood Gynecological malignancy in Zaria. Northern Nigeria
Adekunle Oguntayo, Nigeria
09:30 - 11:00
Free Communication 11 - Hall E
Theme: Harmful Habits in Reproductive Health
Co-Chairs: Iman Abugarga, Sudan
               Mohamed Youssef, Egypt
Living in a State of Fear
Iman Abugarga, Sudan
Intimate Partner Violence in Urban West Africa
Patrick Idoko, Gambia
Impact of Female Genital Mutilation on Second Stage of Labour in Primigravida at Omdurman Maternity Hospital, Sudan 2010
Mohamed Salman, Sudan
Situation of female circumcision in Sudan, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)
Saad Abdelrahman, Sudan
  Integration of providing reproductive tract infection (RTI) management service in family planning (FP) service in Egypt: Evaluation study
Mohamed Youssef, Egypt
  Low Institutional delivery service utilization in Kassala
Ameer Abbaker, Sudan
  The effect on Pregnancy outcome of drug (substance) abuse during Pregnancy
Maryam Kashanian, Iran
  The hazards of extreme grandmultiparity
Fatheia Elrishi, Libya
  Acute Uterine Inversion
Augustine O. Ojabo, Nigeria
09:30 - 11:00
Free Communication 12 (in French) - Hall F
Co-Chairs: Blami Dao, Burkina Faso/USA
                Namory Keita, Guinea
Complications of female Genital Mutilation at the Reference Health Center of Commune IV, of Bamako District in Mali
Moustapha Toure, Mali
Partogramme: Qualité de l'utilisation et point de vue des prestataires en Guinée
Blami Dao, USA/Guinea
Quality of care during chilbirth in four African countries
Philippe Moreira, Senegal
  Recommendations for a Modified Goh Fistula Classification: Comparative Fistula Classification Study from Physicians at Panzi Hospital, Eastern Region of DR Congo
Tina Amisi, Congo
  Defining the role of gynecological practice in diabetic health care in Sub-Saharan Africa : the case of DR Congo
Barthelemy Tandu-Umba, Congo
  Vecu psychologique de l'infertilite par les femmes a Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
Der Adolphe Somé, Burkina Faso
  Ten years experience of management of cervical precancerous lesions in Bamako (Mali)
Ibrahima Teguete, Mali
  Early pregnancy and childbirth at the Reference Health Center of Commune IV Bamako Mali
Moustapha Toure, Mali
  Long acting and reversible contraceptives: Expanding choice for postabortion care (PAC) patients
Yolande Hyjazi, Guinea
Jean Lankoandé, Burkina Faso
Use of cryotherapy units: Experience of Burkina Faso
Jean Lankoandé, Burkina Faso
Role of an association in improving access to screening and treatment of precancerous lesions of the uterine cervix: an example of the association "Stop uterine cervical cancer in Burkina Faso."
Jean Lankoandé, Burkina Faso
13:30 - 15:00
Free Communication 13 - Hall D
Theme: Perinatal Medicine
Co-Chairs: Romano Byaruhanga, Uganda
                Reem Nasur, UK
Should we routinely screen asymptomatic pregnant women for Chlamydia trachomatis? Outcome of a prospective study
Amos Akinbiyi, Canada
Non-invasive prenatal Testing of Trisomy 21 and 18 by DNA massively parallel sequencing (MPS) for maternal plasma DNA in twin pregnancies
Cong Yu, Denmark
Reaching women delivering at home with misoprostol in Mozambique: From pilot to scale-up
Nafissa Osman, Mozambique
  Management of Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage Audit
Reem Nasur, UK
  A study of normal birth weight fresh stillbirths at three academic hospitals
Marlene Bothma, South Africa
  Maternal and Neonatal outcome in Obstetric Cholestasis: a comparison of early verses late term delivery
Naureen Anjum, Pakistan
  Born too small - who survives in the public hospitals in Lilongwe, Malawi?
Anna Karin Ahlsén, Sweden
  Prevalence and Associated Factors of Mental Distress during Pregnancy among Antenatal Care Attendees at Saint Paul's Hospital, Addis Ababa
Delayehu B. Mamo, Ethiopia
  The risk of respiratory morbidity in term infants delivered by elective casearean section
Saaed Abdelgbar, Sudan
13:30 - 15:00
Free Communication 14 - Hall E
Theme: Specialist Gynaecology
Co-Chairs: William Parry-Smith, UK
                Salah AS Moghraby, Saudi Arabia
  A comparison between laparoscopy Versus laparotomy in the treatment of ectopic pregnancy at Khartoum teaching Hospital-Sudan
Hala Elyas, Sudan
  Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy : A Kenyan perspective
Rafique Parkar, Kenya
  Laparoscopic Adenomyomectomy under Transient Occlusion of uterine arteries with endoscopic vascular clip
Yong-Soon Kwon, Korea
  Trans Obturator Tape (outside-in). Does it improve quality of life for patients with stress urinary incontinence, can we predict success, what are the complication rates and do we need pre-op urodynamics?
Abubaker Elmardi, Sudan/UK
  Abdominal sacrocolopexy/sacrohysteropexy for correction of pelvic organ prolapse using mesh
Pushpa Sirichand, Pakistan
  Sacrospinous Ligament Suspention/Fixation using the Capio suture capturing device:a retrospective chart review of effectiveness and complications
Belete Woldu, South Africa
  Pelvic floor distress symptoms within 9 weeks of childbirth among Nigerian women
Sunday Adaji, Nigeria
  Severe pelvi-perneal trauma. Surgical techniques of repair: cosmetic & functional consideration
Saeed Alsary, Saudi Arabia
  Is the intermittent release of haemostatic tourniquet used at abdominal myomectomy necessary?
Oladapo Shittu, Nigeria