Speakers Presentation Guidelines

Technical requirements and instructions for presentation
Please come to the Speakers preview room 3 hours before (or at least one break prior to the session you are scheduled for).
In the Speakers preview room you may check and rehearse your presentation.
Opening hours: as per congress hours.
• Please make sure that all fonts, images, animations and sounds appear as expected in your PowerPoint presentation.
• If you have movies in your presentation please make sure to copy the entire folder with the movies in it.
• In presentation mode, your text should be large enough to be easily readable. The slides should not include multiple rows of text in small font.
• Your PP presentation will be made available in the lecture hall via computer network.
• Qualified technicians are ready to help you upload your presentation in the Speakers preview room.
• Cameras and video equipment are not permitted in the Speaker preview room.
If you have Mac/IPad:
• Please make sure to come early to the Speakers preview room in order to check the device will work in the hall.
• Please make sure to come with the suitable adapter.
• Please make sure to have a backup PPT for PC.

During your presentation:
• Each session room will be staffed with an AV technician who will assist in starting each presentation.
• From the lectern you will be able to control your presentation using a remote control (no mouse will be available).
• Please stick carefully to your allotted time. Chairmen have strict instructions to interrupt if you exceed the allocated time slot.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation