Optimising Your Social Network Presence


By Jonathan Pollinger, IVF Worldwide 2013 Congress presenter

At the IVF Worldwide 2013 Congress in Berlin, I’ll be demonstrating how to optimise profiles and pages for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ll be speaking on the main stage from 4pm-4:30pm on Thursday, October 31. I’ll also be providing hands-on, one-to-one sessions and mini-workshops.
I’ll be reviewing profiles (an individual’s social presence) and pages (term used when referring to companies and organisations) from the IVF community to illustrate good practice and note critical areas for improvement.

The social marketing landscape is a fast moving target. As an IVF practitioner you’ll learn how to use the latest developments in social media through a host of useful, timely tips.

There are three primary benefits of ensuring your clinic’s presence on a social network(s) is optimised.

1.Searchability: a well put together profile or page makes it easier for people to find you and your clinic.
2.Website portal: encourage patients to visit your website.
3.Expertise platform: demonstrate your expertise and the services you provide.

Having an optimised profile or page helps to ensure that your online presence appear as high as possible in a social network’s own search results, as well as on Google and other search engine rankings. For example, choosing the right account name, web address and including your preferred contact details will make you more accessible to new and existing patients.

Social networks are placing increasing importance on their own search engines with Facebook and LinkedIn recently launching improved search functionality. At this year’s conference, I’ll be demonstrating what you can do to make your profiles and pages more visible in search results.

You may have heard of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – but have you heard of SMO – Social Media Optimisation? You can optimise your presence on social networks to ensure your website ranks higher in search engine results. Website links added in the right places, with appropriate labels, will increase traffic to your website. Traffic from your social networks to your website has the benefit of providing you with a highly targeted and engaged audience.

Social networks give you a platform on which to demonstrate your experience, expertise and to highlight the services and benefits you provide. With an increasing number of patients doing their research online, it’s vital that you have a strong and positive online reputation. It’s important to ensure that your profile stands out from competitors. You can achieve this by including photos, videos, ensuring appropriate sections are completed, that key words are incorporated and recommendations and testimonials are displayed.
Next steps

Please let me know if you’d like me to use one of your social network profiles in my presentation. I’m also providing 30-minute one-to-one sessions and mini-workshops at a cost of 50 EUROS per person. Email me at jonathan.pollinger@intranetfuture.com if you’d like to book a spot.

You can obtain more social media advice, tips, examples and news from my blog at jonathan.pollinger@intranetfuture.com or call me on +44(0)1242 639023 for a quote to review and optimise your profile or page.

Watch my 60-second video on YouTube on -Benefits of an optimized social network profile or page.

Jonathan Pollinger
Intranet Future – Social Media Consultancy