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Ribavirin is Needed in Addition to Pegylated Interferon for Optimal Treatment Responses in the Treatment of Acute HCV Genotype 2 and 3 Infection in HIV Co-Infected Individuals

P. Ingiliz 2, H.J. Stellbrink 3, M. Nelson 4, S. Bhagani 5, M. Guiguet 6, M.A. Valantin 7, T. Reiberger 8, M. Vogel1, J. K. Rockstroh 1
1 Bonn University Hospital, Bonn, Germany
MiB, Berlin, Germany
Infektionsmedizinisches Centrum Hamburg (ICH), Hamburg, Germany
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK
Royal Free Hospital, London, UK
Inserm U943, UPMC, Paris06 UMR S943, Paris, France
AP-HP, Hôpital La Pitié Salpétrière, Paris, France
Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Bonn University Hospital, Bonn, Germany

Study of HCV and HIV infections in Mali: Comparative Epidemiology and Risk Factors
N. S. Bouare 1 , D. Vaira 1, A. Gothot 1, J. Delwaide 1, L. Seidel 1, P. Gerard 2, A. Sasse 3, S. Bontems 1, C. Gerard 1
1 CHU-ULg Liege Belgium
Institute of Mathematic ULg Liege, Belgium
Institute of Public Health Brussels, Belgium

HCV screening in African (Malian) women : relevancy of the HCV NS3 epitope
N. S. Bouare 1 , D. Vaira 1, A. Gothot 1, J. Delwaide 1, S. Bontems 1, L. Seidel 1, P. Gerard 2, C. Gerard 1
1 CHU-ULg Liege Belgium
Institute of Mathematic ULg Liege Belgium

Sequence Conservation of the Region Targeted by the Abbott RealTime HCV viral Load Assay.
D. Lucic1, N. T. Parkin2, J. A. Rhoads1, Claudia1, A. Esping1, G. J. Schneider1, L. Yuen3, G. A. Cloherty1
1 Abbott Molecular, Des Plaines Illonis, USA
Data First Consulting, Belmont, California, USA
Evivar Medical Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

Higher age leads to lower SVR-rates in both, chronic hepatitis C (cHCV mono-) and cHCV/HIV coinfected patients treated with Peginterferon alfa 2a and Ribavirin (RBV)
L. Dold
Medizinische Klinik I Sigmund-Freud, Str.25 53127 Bonn, Germany

Prior HCV infection does not protect from sexually transmitted HCV reinfection in HIV-positive MSM
I. I. Krznaric 1, H. J. Stellbrink 2, G. Knecht 3, T. Lutz 3, M. Obermeier 1, S. Dupke 1, C. Boesecke 4, J. K. Rockstroh 4, A. Baumgarten 1,
C. Hoffmann 2
1 Medical Center for Infectious Diseases (MIB), Berlin, Germany
ICH Study Center, Hamburg, Germany
Infektiologikum, Frankfurt, Germany
Medical Department, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany

Hepatitis C Antibody Testing in African American and Hispanic Men in New York City with Prostate Biopsy
A. E. Krystyna , R. W. Tenney, D. Kumari, T. Safi, R. Kosanovic, J. Trejo, W. M. Briggs, E. Enriquez, J. Lajeune, M. D. Schwalb
Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, New York City USA

Evaluation of polymorphism IL-28B in monitoring the course of hepatitis C infection in children.
M. Pluta 1 , M. Aniszewska 1,2, B. Kowalik-Mikolajewska 1,2, M. Marczynska 1,2
1 Warsaw's Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Warsaw, Poland
Department of Infectious Diseases. Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

HCV-Triple-Therapy in IDU’s and Non-IDU‘s
K. Ummard , J. Gölz, U. Naumann
Praxiszentrum Kaiserdamm, Berlin

S. K. Williams1, E. Donaldson1, T. Van der Kleij1, L. Dixon1, M. Fisher1, J. Tibble1, Y. Gilleece1, P. Klenerman2, A. H. Banham2, M. Howard1,
D. P. Webster3
1 Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, Brighton, UK
University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton, UK


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