A comprehensive congress fully devoted to clinical debates and controversial issues in a wide spectrum in Cryopreservation of Reproductive Cells, Tissue & Organs

This was a unique gathering in Europe of the leading scientists and clinicians working on cryopreservation for fertility preservation, stem cell biology to produce eggs and sperm (gametes) and tissue freezing and transplantation. This field of reproduction is looming as the major solution to the moderation of the explosive world wide infertility epidemic, as a method to maintain fertility into the later years when nowadays most people are ready to have a child, but can't because of the aging oocyte, or the absence of spermatogenesis. The results of this very successful meeting indicate just how much progress we have made in pursuing this holy grail, of extending the reproductive lifespan, creating sperm and eggs from ordinary skin cells, freezing and freeze drying of tissue and cells, ovarian tissue freezing, and egg freezing. develop into sperm, relatively easily. The eggs are more difficult. PGCLCs if injected into the ovarian bursa of either fetal or adult mice, then develop into oocytes. Eventually these stem cell derived sperm and stem cell erived oocytes, after IVF develop into embryos that result in live and healthy mouse pups. Much work remains over the next decade to make such research clinically applicable, but it is certainly a proof of an amazing concept. Dr. Sherman Silber discussed ovarian
freezing and transplantation for cancer patients with very optimistic and fairly robust results. He discussed the remarkably long period of function of these frozen or fresh grafted slices of ovarian tissue, and the benefit of not only fertility and pregnancy, but also of long term hormonal function preventing the misery of premature ovarian failure. Dr. Silber reported 14 live births. Dr. Silber also noted Dr. Andersen's group's work showing the lack of viable leukemia cells in the ovarian cortex even if there are positive PCR markers, so long as the ovary was removed before the bone marrow transplant, but after the initial remission on chemotherapy. This removes much of the fear of transplanting cancer cells back to
patients who have had ovarian freezing as their method of fertility preservation for cancer, even for leukemia. It even might be a wise choice for young girls who have to put off childbearing to have an ovarian biopsy frozen at a young age for the same reason. Time can be more devastating than cancer Dr. Silber emphasized. His findings and those of Dr. Andersen, Dr. Donnez, and the Israeli's, emphasizes that vary tissue freezing and transplantation are not experimental. There are over 28 healthy babies born to cancer patients from frozen ovarian tissue and 40 altogether from ovary transplants. Read more...


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