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The 2nd World Congress on
Controversies in Urology (CURy)
Lisbon, Portugal, February 5- 8, 2009
  Faculty Print


A. Alcaraz, Spain
C. Barre, France
H.W. Bauer, Germany
J. Bellmunt, Spain
R. Berges, Germany
L. Boccon-Gibod, France
Liliane Boccon-Gibod, France
A. Borkowski, Poland
H. Botto, France
M. Brausi, Italy
R. Bollens, Belgium
M. Burger, Germany
J.R. Cerda, Spain
M. Colombel, France
E. Comperat, France
G. Cozma, Switzerland
F. Cruz, Spain
P. Dinis, Portugal
F. Debruyne, The Netherlands
F. Desgrandchamps, France
A. de la Taille, France
Z. Dotan, Israel
S. Egawa, Japan
A. Finelli, Canada
A. Figueiredo, Portugal
J. Fitzpatrick, Ireland
N. Fleshner, Canada
Y. Fradet, Canada
P. Geavlete, Romania
G. Guazzoni, Italy
V. Grunwald, Germany
R. Hautmann, Germany
J. Heesakkers, The Netherlands
H. Huland, Germany
V. Hupertan, France
J. Irani, France
P. Iversen, Denmark
V. Khullar, UK
Z. Kirkali, Turkey
J. Larkin, UK
E. Lima, Portugal
C. Llorente, Spain
M. Marberger, Austria
K. Miller, Germany
V. Mirone, Italy
F. Montorsi, Italy
A. Martin Morales, Spain
N. Mottet, France
A. Mottrie, Belgium
P. Mulders, The Netherlands
K.G. Naber, Germany
A. Nadu, Israel
O. Nativ, Israel
M. Oelke, Germany
H. Ozen, Turkey
R. Palma, Brazil
B. Parada, Portugal
J. Palou, Spain
P. Perrin, France
T. Piechaud, France
J. Pinthus, Canada
F. Porpiglia, Italy
D. Pushkar, Russia
J. Ramon, Israel
P. Rischmann, France
D. Robinson, UK
F. Saad, Canada
C. Schulman, Belgium
A. Sella, Israel
I. Sinescu, Romania
E. Solsona, Spain
M. Sosnowski, Poland
M. Speakman, UK
A. Stenzl, Germany
C. Sternberg, Italy
U. Studer, Switzerland
D. Tolley, UK
B. Tombal, Belgium
J. Tostain, France
O. Traxer, France
A. Tubaro, Italy
L. Turkeri, Turkey
P. Veindeira, Portugal
E. Wespes, Belgium
F. Witjes, The Netherlands
M. Zitzmann, Germany
A. Zlotta, Canada

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