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The 6th World Congress on
Controversies in Neurology (CONy)
Vienna, Austria, March 8-11, 2012
  CONy Vienna 2012 Webcasting Print
Thursday, March 8, 2012
Hitler's Parkinson's disease and its possible influence on political decisions
Abe Lieberman, USA
Does the pyschoanalytical theory have neuro-anatomical basis?
Israel Steiner, Israel
Are Freud's neuroscience discoveries still valid?
Michael Brainin, Austria
Debate: Can neuroimaging help solve the mind-body problem?
YES: Joab Chapman, Israel
NO: Amos D. Korczyn, Israel
Friday, March 9, 2012
SESSION 1: Multiple Scelrosis (MS) Diagnosis
Debate: To tap or not to tap: Is there still a role for lumbar puncture and CSF analysis in MS diagnosis?
Debate host: Mark Freedman, Canada
NO: Joab Chapman, Israel
Debate: Can MRI be used for therapeutic decision?
Debate host: Brian Weinshenker, USA
YES: Ulf Baumhackl, Austria
NO: Florian Deisenhammer, Austria
SESSION 2: MS Therapy
Debate: The "new" clinically isolated syndome (CIS): To treat or not to treat?
Debate host: Laura Airas, Finland
Debate: It is still impossible to adequately assess risk management of new disease modifying therapies
YES: Jacek Losy, Poland
NO: Eva Havrdova, Czech Republic
Saturday, March 10, 2012
SESSION 29: Epilepsy Classification and Novel Imaging Techniques: Useful in Clinical Practice or Simply l’art pour l’lart?
Debate: The new seizure and epilepsy classifications are useful in clinical practice
Commentator: Michael Sperling, USA
Debate: Imaging technical such as DTI and fMRI should be employed in the routine diagnosis of patients with epilepsy
YES: William Theodore, USA
NO: Ivan Rektor, Czech Republic
SESSION 30: Disease Modification: Reality or Wishful Thinking?
Debate: Can epilepsy be prevented and its natural course modified?
YES: Michael Sperling, USA
NO: Martin Holtkamp, Germany
Commentator: William Theodore, USA
SESSION 31: Special Treatment Situations: Anything New?
Debate: New AEDs should be used as first-line options in the treatment of status epilepticus
YES: William Theodore, USA
Commentator: Ivan Rektor, Czech Republic
Debate: Should valproate be prescribed to women of childbearing age?
NO: Gerhard Leuf, Austria
Commentator: Michael Sperling, USA
SESSION 32: Hands-on or Hands-off AED Serum Levels?
Debate: AED serum concentrations are very useful in epilepsy treatment monitoring
YES: Gerhard Leuf, Austria
Commentator: Michael Sperling, USA

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