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The New European Surgical Academy (NESA) is an international, interdisciplinary organization with members in 51 countries and associated with international organizations like FIGO, the German Gynaecological Association, the Danish Surgical Association and the Hong Kong Medical Academy. The NESA modifies and improves surgical procedures, has created the first European working group for natural orifice surgery and supports the European telesurgical project... Read more

Michael Stark, Germany
Conference Presidents
Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Italy Tahar Benhidjeb, Abu Dhabi

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    Berlin is a city of contrast and fusion: East meets west, history meets future, and art meets underground. As a European center of politics, culture, and art, countless people are attracted to Berlin's unique cultural vibrancy, sizzling creativity and raw charm. Read more >


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International Scientific Board

Birgit Arabin, Germany • Augustinus Bader, Germany • Abe Baruchin, Israel • Sven Becker, Germany • Peter Biro, Switzerland • Michel Bodkier, France • Luca Cucurachi, Italy • Cansun Demir, Turkey• Klaus Diedrich, Germany • Marina Yu Eliseeva, Russia • Sandro Gerli, Italy • Wolfgang Henrich, Germany • Udo Hoyme, Germany • Mariano Iaccarino, Italy • Anatoly I. Ishchenko, Russia • Oktay Kadayifci, Turkey • Doron Kopelman, Israel •Ivan Kostov, Bulgaria • Vladislav V. Krasnopolsky, Russia • Leonardo Longo, Italy • Antonio Malvasi, Italy • Winfred Meissner, Germany • Liselotte Mettler, Germany • Philippe Moreira, Senegal • Oliver Münsterer, Germany • Ospan Mynbaev, Russia • Camran Nezhat, USA • Ceana Nezhat, USA • Farr Nezhat, USA • Toshio Ohshiro, Japan • Shailesh Puntambekar, India • Roland Richter, Switzerland • Patrick Rozenberg, France • Galina M. Savelyeva, Russia • Achim Schneider, Germany • Tom Schneider, The Netherlands • Svend Schulze, Denmark • Werner Seebauer, Germany • Jalid Sehouli, Germany • Sergey Simakov, Russia • Vlad Tica, Romania • Andrea Tinelli, Italy • Calin Tiu, Romania • Albert Tuchmann, Austria • Avinoam Tzabari, Israel • Uwe Ulrich, Germany • Cihat Ünlü, Turkey • Bruno van Herendael, Belgium • Klaus Vetter, Germany • Jürgen Wacker, Germany • Antoine Watrelot, France • Paul Wetter, USA • George Zografos, Greece


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