Scientific Program - Rehabilitation

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Section Heads: Dafin Muresanu, Romania & Jozef Opara, Poland
SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2018
Hall C
07:00-07:50 E-Poster Presentations
  Chair: Sadagat Huseynova, Azerbaijan & Radaslaw Kazmierski, Poland
08:30-09:35 Biomarkers are more precise as the outcome measure in neurorehabilitation soon after stroke than clinical parameters
Capsule: Biochemical markers of brain damage, e.g. stroke, should reflect the volume of irreversibly damaged brain parenchyma and the clinical outcome in a single patient in order to allow estimation of prognosis at an early stage.Serum biomarkers related to the cascade of inflammatory, hemostatic, glial and neuronal perturbations have been identified to diagnose and characterize intracerebral hemorrhage and cerebral ischemia. There is an ongoing debate about the best outcome measure in neurorehabilitation after stroke. Main question to discuss is: what is more precise in the outcome measure in neurorehabilitation: biochemical markers or clinical parameters?
Host: Dafin Muresanu, Romania
Biochemical: Jozef Opara, Poland
Clinical: Iwona Sarzyńska-Długosz, Poland  
Discussion and Rebuttals
09:35-10:40 Is physiotherapy helpful in functional motor disorders?
 Capsule: Disabled people who experienced traumatic events resulting in various disabilities are admitted usually to a Rehabilitation Center. However, some of them are later diagnosed as having Conversion Disorder . We believe that their participation in active regular and integrative rehabilitation process is beneficial to most of them. Most of these patients gain functional independence and return to the main stream of life.
Host: Nestor Galvez- Jimenez, USA
Yes: Avi Ohry, Israel
10:05-10:25 No: Tanya Simuni, USA
Discussion and Rebuttals