The Greek-Italian Contursi kindred: From the past to the future

Section Heads:
Leonidas Stefanis, Greece

The discovery of the p.A53T mutation in the alpha-synuclein gene
Aglaia Athanassiadou, Greece 

The history behind the relationship of the Italian to the Greek arm of the Contursi kindred
Paolo Barone, Italy

Carriers of the p.A53T mutation in Greece today: an opportunity for biomarker discovery and clinical trials
Leonidas Stefanis, Greece 

The nuances of neuropathology in carriers of SNCA mutations
Janice Holton, UK 

Using neuronally differentiated iPSCs derived from patients with the p. A53T mutation in the alpha-synuclein gene to disentangle PD pathogenesis
Rebecca Matsas, Greece 

The other mutations in the alpha-synuclein gene: Is there a common denominator
Christos Proukakis, UK 

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