New Players on the Block


Please join us for our innovative New Players session where we have invited speakers to present on new products, ideas, investigatory agents and technologies in neurology that are currently in development or have recently been established, for which new and important data has been accumulating.


New Players in MS

Friday, March 24, 2017

   15:50-16:05     MS in the 21st Century

Controversies in communication: differing perspectives of HCPs and patients in multiple sclerosis management

Speakers: Peter Rieckmann and Pieter Van Galen

16:05-16:20     MS initiative- Merck Serono and Novartis

MS Ready to Work Initiative

Why and how should health care professionals hold conversations with people living with MS regarding work?

Speaker: Antonella Cardone

16:30-16:40     MIDI551: Olaf Stuve, USA 

16:40-16:50     Daclizumab: Ron Milo, Israel 

16:50-17:00     Deep rTMS study in MS fatigue: Friedmann Paul, Germany


New Players and New Ideas 

Saturday, March 25, 2017  

   18:15-18:30      Opicapone: the third generation COMT inhibitor

Joaquim Ferreira, Portugal 

18:30-18:40       Modifying the effect of progress Parkinson's disease (PD) daily physical activity?

Dmitrii Pokhabov, Russia

18:40-18:50        How dementia in PD begins: vascular or inflammatory process?

Homa Ebrahimi, Iran 


18:50-19:00         Is it possible to develop a preclinical diagnosis of PD basing on a search for biomarkers?

Michael Ugryumov, Russia