The brain and mind in Greek philosophy and mythology

Section Heads:
Stavros Baloyannis, Greece
William Theodore, USA

Neurological concepts in Ancient Greek thought
The evolving concept of the mind-brain relation from Homer to Galen
Andrew Papanicolaou, USA 

Cerebral localization in antiquity
Athena Bazou, Greece 

Neurology in the eyes of ancient Greek philosophers and the Bible: Concepts about the brain/soul, neurological syndromes, and spiritual therapeutic effects
Dimitrios Karussis, Israel 

Anaxagoras on the mind: Nous is infinite and self-ruled
Stavros Baloyannis, Greece 

The ancient history of dementia
Niki Papavramidou, Greece 

Epilepsy in ancient Greek medicine
William Theodore, USA 

Hippocratic corpus work precepts: Philanthropy and utility in medicine
Christos Yapijakis, Greece 

Morbus Hercules: the role of Heracles in epileptology and Greek and Scythian mythology
Alexey Kholin, Russia 

Syncope and fainting in the thoughts of Greek classical philosophers 
Manuel A. Sierra-Beltranof, UK 

The brain and mind in Mesopotamia
Homa Ebrahimi, Iran 

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