The brain and mind in Greek philosophy and mythology

Section Heads:
Stavros Baloyannis, Greece
William Theodore, USA

Neurological concepts in Ancient Greek thought
Anaxagoras on the mind: Nous is infinite and self-ruled
Stavros Baloyannis, Greece
The evolving concept of the mind-brain relation from Homer to Galen
Andrew Papanicolaou, USA
Cerebral localization in antiquity
Athena Bazou, Greece
The ancient history of dementia
Niki Papavramidou, Greece
Epilepsy in ancient Greek medicine
William Theodore, USA
 Neurology in the eyes of ancient Greek philosophers and the Bible: Concepts about the brain/soul, neurological syndromes, and spiritual therapeutic effects
Dimitrios Karussis, Israel
Lecture on Hippocrates
Christos Yapijakis, Greece
The ancient Hellenic and Hippocratic origins of head and brain terminology
IG Panourias, Greece (TBC)

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